House Moving

House moving is more than furniture removal and setting up in another house. A lot of issues need considering like, getting a good neighborhood with recreational amenities for your children and yourself. Locating such an area is stressful; why not leave it to us to do it for you. Our local movers services include.

  • Pre-moving preparations
  • Moving day planning
  • Post moving services.

Pre-Moving Preparations

Our team is knowledgeable, and we equip them with tools to ease your house relocation process. Our move consultants, coordinators, and supervisors will guide you through the house moving process while providing tailor made solutions for each step before the relocation.


Moving Day Planning

Our moving team will arrive early to maximize the time for the move. We have diverse labeling systems that ensure everything that is packed and is actually on the moving trucks. When house moving, we will:

  • Walk around your current house with you indicating items for packing and those to that are to stay
  • Carry out inspection on all your furniture and items for pre-existing damage before moving them
  • Ensure correct labeling with a description of which room it came from
  • Conduct damage inspection of your house before removal of the furniture and other items
  • Protect your floors and doorways to avoid damage during the moving out process.

Identify and point out Items of particular sentimental value to our move coordinator to ensure nothing is missing as we prepare the packing inventory.

Post Moving Services

Upon your arrival, our house moving crew will carefully unload and unpack your items. Our interior decorator will be on hand to offer expert service in the arrangement of the new house. Our storage facilities are clean and well maintained to provide storage services for items that will not fit in the new home or want to dispose.

We are always keen to providing the best house moving service to our clients. We will recommend some transit insurance covers to alleviate the high cost of repair to specific goods. Contact our customer care representative and search our website for more information and services on house moving.